Mariellen Ross


Blake English
First Solo Flight
Piper Archer
Ron Meyer CFI
May 02, 2014

Steve Holmes


Daniel Perez
New Private Pilot
Cessna 172
Rick Strack CFI
May 02, 2014

Bob Garza


Garrett Dougan
First Solo Flight
Cessna 152
May 30, 2014
Rick Strack CFI

Special thanks to MOM and Pooh Bear. (private joke)


Foothill Flying Club
Mountain Flying Training Course

Your plane or ours
3 day course on your schedule
Destinations include Big Bear, Kernville,
Tehachapi, Bishop and Mammoth.
Contact Tony Settember 909 917 5851
(Ask about "Fly the Rockies")

Summer Mountain Flying Tips

Always remain in a position to turn toward lower terrain
Never fly upslope beyond your plane's ability to climb out of terrain.
Get local knowledge of the planned mountain route
Lean the mixture for best power when taking off above 3000 ft density altitude
Approach ridges at a 45 deg. Angle
Start canyon flying from above the highest point of the saddle.
Precision landings require extra training
Have a visual idea of the how the wind is flowing at all times
Course reversal should be done at slow airspeeds to reduce the radius of the turn.
For take off, match your flap setting to the full deflection of the aileron for the best lift to drag ratio.
Carry oxygen, water, first aid, shelter and signaling device.
Avoid flying in the mountains during the hottest part of the day.
Create a mountain performance chart for your airplane.
Winds often travel down canyons in the morning and up canyons in the afternoon.
Mountain flying at night is very high risk. Suggest not going.
Fly the upslope side of the of the canyon. Never the center.

There are plenty more of these gems in the class.

Fast-track Your Medical Certificate.

Before your AME appt. go on-line to MEDXPRESS.FAA.GOV and complete the 8500-8 form.
Your AME will be able to review your application ahead of time if you give him the confirmation #


Cable Airport and Foothill Flying Club
Thank You for Flying Here.

High School and College Students ask for Special Discounts

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