Well Done!
What a fantastic Airport!

classThank you all for donating your time, energy, money in demonstrating the Spirit of Aviation at Cable Airport!!!

The mission was to engage, educate and fly 24 Young Eagles. Mission accomplished! classesThere were kids and families walking around, experiencing the education stations, attending ground school and looking at airplanes.
A wonderful sight.

classesWhat makes this happen is volunteers and boy did we have many. Folks were setting up, greeting people, running the education stations, talking, making and serving lunch and cleaning it all up when it was over.

There was conspicuous financial sharing this time. An extremely generous donation of $100 dollars was left in the lunch donation jar. Thank you!! Should the donor care to contact me, Chapter 448 can provide a receipt for tax purposes. We are 501(c)(3)! All in there was $192 donated to 448 Saturday. Thank you!

If you have not attended a 448 YE event yet, you should try and make time. This past event was planesattended by Steve Williamson and his Pietenpol. Steve is the EAA chapter prez at French Valley. His shared thoughts at lunch and displayed his aircraft. Also in attendance with his Dragonfly II was Tom Hall. He also spoke about his project and displayed it as well.

Looks like the YE project at 448 has a head of steam. Let's keep it going. Leslie Crosby, her son Sean, Danielle Reynolds, Tony Settember are the reason this thing got started. It is up to everyone else at Cable Airport to keep it going. Looks like the great people involved will do just that.

Check out our Facebook page for photos snapped by our photographer & lunch maker Evonne Terrance.

Mike Clearman

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DECEMBER 5, 2015





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