Cable Airport - The World's Largest Family-Owned, Public-Use Airport
            "The World's Largest Family-Owned, Public-Use Airport"


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Cable Airport

Fifty Years of Service
To General Aviation
1945 - 1995


This brief history of Cable Airport would not be possible without the inputs cooperation and help of the Cable family, for which I am very grateful. Especially Paul Cable, who has kept and organized the records, photos, and clippings pertaining to the family and the airport. Without his help this commemorative booklet would not be in your hands today. "The History of Cable Airport," by Ken Cooper; "So Here We Are": Dewey M. Cable and Southern California Aviation 1923 -1966, by R. Yoshino; and articles written by Don Downie were invaluable resources in preparing this booklet. My thanks to them for all the hard work they did in documenting Dewey Cable's life and his struggle to build this airport. I also want to thank Jane
who is my wife, my proof-reader, and my right arm.

Larry W. Bledsoe

Copyright 1994 Larry W. Bledsoe

Originally Published by:
Bledsoe's Aviation Art
1749 W. 13th
Upland, California 91786


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