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Cable Airport Through The Years

   Cable Airport Inc. is entirely owned by the Cable family. It is called the world's largest privately-owned, public-use airport by virtue of the number of aircraft based here, over 450.

   The Cable family has continued the airport's progressive development since Dewey moved the first boulder in 1945 to ensure the airport meets the needs of the growing aviation community. 

FAA Grants
   In 1985 Cable Airport received its first FAA grant. The airport's proximity to Ontario Airport makes it possible for general aviation aircraft to be based close to Ontario without impacting Ontario's operations. This in FAA terminology, lets Cable Airport fall within the FAA Reliever Airport category and makes it eligible for airport improvement grants.

airport53.jpg (40530 bytes)
Cable Airport - 1953

   These grants come from the Airport Improvement Projects fund which is a part of the Air Aviation Trust Fund. The money in the funds comes from aviation fuel taxes and taxes on airline tickets.

   Cable is unique in that it is the only privately-owned, public-use airport in California to receive money from the Aviation Trust fund. They have since received a total of six grants. The money must be used for improving the physical condition and safety of the airport. It may not be used for buildings. In addition Cable is required to pay 10% of the projects' cost.

   These FAA grants permitted improvements that would not have been financially possible otherwise. Cable Airport users have been the real beneficiaries of these improvements.

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